Husband gets upset when I say no to sex

2021.10.26 21:28 superthuggin Husband gets upset when I say no to sex

My husband and I have been together for 13 years, since I was 16. So this has been going on for a long time. We have sex ALL THE TIME, and it’s really good sex too. Like probably 3-5 times a week. And still every time I say no it’s met with disappointment or anger immediately.
Last night I came into the room, got naked (mostly to change into pjs, but also I thought he’d enjoy a quick snuggle) and laid in bed with him. Well we started kissing but then it escalated and I said I’m not really in the mood and that it’ll probably be a no tonight, will you be able to handle that? He said no I’ve been horny all day, and then kept trying to get me in the mood. I said ok well I’m gonna say no tonight. He was very upset.. he turned away from me, said I played games with him and that earlier that day I said we would later. He ended up telling me to leave the room or he’s going to leave. I left the room and went out to the couch and he came out picked me up and brought me back to bed. Said I’m not allowed to leave the room and he won’t apologize. Said a lot of mean stuff, like I use sex as a tool. I didn’t say much. I told him he needs to take responsibility and genuinely apologize or I won’t be around him. He said he won’t apologize. And today he’s not speaking to me.
[just to add in during the day he was constantly talking about sex, telling me to constantly touch him (and I did some of it) and he was always trying to touch me, which would be fine, but when it gets to be too much (cuz he won’t stop going on about it) and I say hey dude it’s a bit much let’s chill out a bit, he starts saying like “what’s hard about me being horny” I just wanna do this and this.
My mom (and siblings) is here with us and she’s been helping us through some marital issues (mainly communication).
She says we need to have set schedules so that he can know when to expect sex. He’s an addict (cigs beer gaming sex) and that he needs to be weaned down slowly cuz his addictions are out of control (6 pack a day and at least a pack if not 2 of cigs) She said that I need to phrase it better to not hurt him.
Ask any questions for clarity.
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2021.10.26 21:28 DeathByTopHats Do scourge talents not work or am I reading this wrong? It is ilvl 57 with a t3 downside.

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2021.10.26 21:28 Yellowfarming Lidar Stocks: What Is Going On With VLDR, LAZR, LIDR, MVIS Stocks Today?

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2021.10.26 21:28 BudgetCompetitor Steffi Graf Revealing Herself (Wimbledon Champions' Dinner)

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2021.10.26 21:28 99917150 Has anyone taken ADMN 314?

Just wondering how the course was.
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2021.10.26 21:28 Bernard_Hunor_Deak Chiz 🎃 on Twitter

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2021.10.26 21:28 itsFineDontMatter1 How do I(20M) let my friend(20F) who I’ve been talking too down?

I’ve been subtly flirting with 2 different girls lately too try and practice because I’ve always been semi-social but terrible at talking to girls out of my league. I have been getting closest to the girl in the title, who I have also been friends with for a while, and I honestly do not feel that we would be good together but I also feel in too deep with her and don’t know how to let her down so I can start a relationship with the other girl? Is there an easy way too do this and still go back to friends, we haven’t even done anything physical yet but have been on a small 45minute date.
TLDR; I’m flirting with two girls, I want to nicely break things off with the girl in title who was my friend before we started flirting
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2021.10.26 21:28 Dashover EARNINGS BEATS DON'T HOLD UP, EXCEPT MSFT & UPS, LMT, FB, & TXN CRUSHED: Oct 26, 2021 7:51 PM

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2021.10.26 21:28 occhiclairvoyance test

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2021.10.26 21:28 mray2582 3 tickets for Saturday 10/30 show in Columbus $250

Section 105 Row Q Seats 18 19 20
Asking $250 for all three
Can send proof of tix
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2021.10.26 21:28 run_zee_run What do you like to order at dim sum?

Heading to Dim Sum Palace on 56th for lunch tomorrow with visiting family members. The last time they had dim sum was about 15 years ago with me at Golden Unicorn. It's been about as long since I've had it so I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations on what to order in general, or at Dim Sum Palace in particular. (One family member has trouble moving around, hence the midtown dim sum restaurant located conveniently near their hotel.) Thank you!
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2021.10.26 21:28 ualwayslose StarCraft II , Overwatch, The Ascent on M1 Max 32 Core , 32 GB ram

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2021.10.26 21:28 seaturtles55 Do this look like mouse or rat poop? It's bigger than the mouse droppings I've seen :(

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2021.10.26 21:28 DavidC2503 One week wonders

There seems to be a bandwagon at the moment for bringing in players who have 1 good return without considering anything else. Some examples from this gameweek:
King - Scored a hat-trick against Everton, but other than that he’s not had many returns (a few assists in easy fixtures). But with the very difficult fixture run they’ve got coming I don’t see a need for him. Potentially a good bench option however at £5.5m.
Mount - The same as King pretty much. Has had one good gameweek and everyone is buying him. However chelsea being chelsea, next week it could be Havertz that rakes in all the points and mount wont get a sniff. It’s just a bit unpredictable with chelsea as they have so many assets. They have a good fixture run to come but it’s likely mount could be rested at some point and I think for £7.5m you can get a midfielder that is guaranteed a start and has been more consistent on returns.
There’s been more examples from previous game weeks but these are the most recent.
My knowledge on this isn’t great but it just seems people jump the gun on a lot of players.
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2021.10.26 21:28 RoundSparrow U.S. Marshals pull guns on young mother, baby after knocking on wrong door in Florida

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2021.10.26 21:28 sensiteev Meet Bea ✨

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2021.10.26 21:28 FootGloomy They predicted that shib would reach 0.00004 by 2030, well guess who is laughing now we’ve reached 0.000045 and it’s not even 2022 yet🙌

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2021.10.26 21:28 dessydavis Just bought my first house 🎉

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2021.10.26 21:28 Aggressive-Pool-4513 Turns out this hospitals map needs more memory...

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2021.10.26 21:28 The-edy17 Big and enhanced version of my other drawing, thoughts

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2021.10.26 21:28 overflow238 Idk if this was already made or not, but let's decide it here before we do it live.

What option are you picking on the first voting session of Governance?
View Poll
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2021.10.26 21:28 JerkingOffToMaps Can you dudes identify this for me? Thanks

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2021.10.26 21:28 BlacksmithMaterial “Compliance”

Anyone ever notice this is GEICO’s answer for something they don’t have an answer to?
“Why is GEICO the only company that charges this fee?” - “it’s due to compliance”
“Why are we now required to read this verbatim?” - “it’s due to compliance”
“What’s with all the change in metrics?” - “don’t worry about that, it’s a compliance thing.”
Compliance is GEICO’s bullshit answer when they would really like to say “Stay within your pay grade and shut the fuck up!”
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2021.10.26 21:28 TCLCIpoper Looking For VS

looking for any outfit or players looking to do some good organized ops with tactics and having fun,
you can join tclc for good ops. msg me if you are a outfit leader looking to join VS for once
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2021.10.26 21:28 TheEliteKoala1 I wish that guns stopped existing and were replaced with various swords.

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