2k Sons list looking for some criticism

2021.10.26 22:25 TheAngryDad 2k Sons list looking for some criticism

I am looking at a double patrol of time and duplicity for durability and mobility shenanigans. Tzangors are semi back line holders or midfield harassment if a charge presents itself. 10 man rubrics will hold a closer to midfield objective, while the 5 man with flamers will utilize the risen rubricae strat if it's convenient. Terminators do whatever I need them to do as the ultimate flex within reason. MVB is for opponent harassment due to duplicity strat, along with 2 flamer hel drakes to take attention from other units. Demon prince is a beat stick that will move up the board and find targets of opportunity, arhiman is a mortals missile, and the exalted and infernal are buffing units(kinda). Shaman is for mutation secondary(maybe).
++ Patrol Detachment 0CP (Chaos - Thousand Sons) [61 PL, 11CP, 10 Cabal Points, 1,189pts] ++[/b] + Configuration +[/b] Battle Size [12CP]:[/b] 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
[b]Cults of the Legion:[/b] Cult of Duplicity
[b]Detachment Command Cost[/b]
[b]+ Stratagems +[/b]
[b]Sorcerous Arcana [-1CP]:[/b] Additional Relics
[b]+ HQ +[/b]
[b]Ahriman [9 PL, 3 Cabal Points, 180pts]:[/b] 11. Gaze of Hate, 11. Tzeentch's Firestorm, 13. Doombolt, Disc of Tzeentch
[b]Infernal Master [5 PL, 2 Cabal Points, 90pts]:[/b] 1. Bladed Maelstrom, 2. Fires of the Abyss, 21. Temporal Manipulation, 6. Malefic Maelstrom, Master Misinformator, Pentakairic Armour, Warlord
[b]+ Troops +[/b]
[b]Rubric Marines [12 PL, 2 Cabal Points, 230pts]:[/b] Icon of Flame . Aspiring Sorcerer: 31. Empyric Guidance, Inferno Bolt Pistol . 8x Rubric Marine w/ inferno boltgun: 8x Inferno boltgun . Rubric Marine w/ soulreaper cannon: Soulreaper cannon
[b]Rubric Marines [6 PL, 2 Cabal Points, 144pts]:[/b] Icon of Flame . Aspiring Sorcerer: 32. Pyric Flux, Warpflame pistol . 4x Rubric Marine w/ warpflamer: 4x Warpflamer
[b]+ Elites +[/b]
[b]Tzaangor Shaman [4 PL, 1 Cabal Points, 70pts]:[/b] 13. Doombolt
[b]+ Heavy Support +[/b]
[b]Mutalith Vortex Beast [7 PL, 145pts][/b]
[b]+ Flyer +[/b]
[b]Heldrake [9 PL, 165pts]:[/b] Baleflamer
[b]Heldrake [9 PL, 165pts]:[/b] Baleflamer
[b]++ Patrol Detachment -2CP (Chaos - Thousand Sons) [41 PL, -4CP, 8 Cabal Points, 810pts] ++[/b]
[b]+ Configuration +[/b]
[b]Cults of the Legion:[/b] Cult of Time
[b]Detachment Command Cost [-2CP][/b]
[b]+ HQ +[/b]
[b]Exalted Sorcerer [6 PL, -1CP, 4 Cabal Points, 100pts]:[/b] 12. Twist of Fate, 2. Seeker After Shadows, 23. Temporal Surge, High Acolytes, Inferno Bolt Pistol
[b]Thousand Sons Daemon Prince [10 PL, -1CP, 3 Cabal Points, 185pts]:[/b] 22. Swelled by the Warp, 23. Temporal Surge, 3. Undying Form, Conniving Plate, Hellforged sword, High Acolytes, Wings
[b]+ Troops +[/b]
[b]Tzaangors [4 PL, 80pts]:[/b] Brayhorn . Twistbray: Tzaangor blades . 9x Tzaangor w/ Tzaangor blades: 9x Tzaangor blades
[b]+ Elites +[/b]
[b]Scarab Occult Terminators [21 PL, 1 Cabal Points, 445pts]:[/b] 2x Hellfyre missile rack . Scarab Occult Sorcerer: 21. Presage, Inferno combi-bolter, Rites of Coalescence . 7x Terminator: 7x Inferno combi-bolter, 7x Prosperine khopesh . Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Soulreaper cannon . Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Soulreaper cannon
[b]++ Total: [102 PL, 7CP, 18 Cabal Points, 1,999pts] ++[/b]
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2021.10.26 22:25 puppycatchi ORIGINAL vs 1996 // Is there a real difference between them? My parents couldn't afford bandai's tamagotchis when we were kids and i'm very curious about the first tamas "experience". Which one would you recommend?

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2021.10.26 22:25 pythonapster [Home Depot] 4 piece DEWALT 12 in. and 6 in. 600 lb. Bar Clamps w/2.5 in. Throat Depth, $19.97, free shipping, Home Depot $19.97 [Deal Price: $19.97]

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2021.10.26 22:25 Single-Confidence-86 Next week’s surprise?

So Ari teased something last week, and now all the other three judges tweeted about it. Apparently there will be voting and Kelly called it a “plot twist”. Any guesses?
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2021.10.26 22:25 GoodMoleman2You Transforming toy robots are my passion

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2021.10.26 22:25 don6461 I DID

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2021.10.26 22:25 Shadowolf277 A truly incredible theatrical experience

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2021.10.26 22:25 ahpupu The Luxury DLC Scenarios are so tedious

I absolutely love this game, and I really enjoy the new houses and furniture.
That being said, doing the new Scenarios is by far the least fun I've ever had with this game thus far.
All the scenarios are overly strict. The clients know exactly what they want, right down to the exact number of wall panels of a certain color in a room.
Even when you have to do a kitchen or closet, the specific pieces of furniture you're given make it so there's really only one or two ways to place them in the given space.
All the rooms end up looking awful and cramped with way too many objects.
The choices you're given are worthless because the client gets to choose the rest of the room and the rest of the house - so really you have to pick something that fits everything else.
And the Renovation minigame is just such a slog.
I find myself just ending the Scenarios as soon as I get that minimum progress just to unlock the house.
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2021.10.26 22:25 iratepirate47 Are the Braves the first WS contender to improve as the result of losing a Top 5 generational talent to injury?

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2021.10.26 22:25 Peugy Shiny Craftable Dark Clarent (Showcase) [Anime Fighters Simulator]

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2021.10.26 22:25 buckwheeeat 2 tickets up for grabs to Ryman Aud, 10/31

Post the best Halloween meme. Winner gets the two free tickets.
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2021.10.26 22:25 chromad123 Favorite beer & a prediction to the World Series

I just took this quiz as the World Series approaches, about my favorite beer and who is winning based on that. Thought I would share! https://www.buzzfeed.com/baseballbeetell-us-your-favorite-beer-and-weall-surprisingl-3kk8nxkz9j?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bfsharecopy
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2021.10.26 22:25 KeepItBAMN Decontaminated Wash & Machine Wax using 656

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2021.10.26 22:25 Lone_Reckoner Founder/CEO of Solana bashing Hashgraph's Fair Ordering

This happened a long while ago (2018), but I still think it's worth bringing up for discussion.
I was hoping to find out (1) whether fair ordering is really as slow as Anatoly Yakovenko makes it out to be in the following article on Proof of History (partially pasted below), and (2) whether there's a tradeoff for Hashgraph that justifies calculating a median timestamp instead of using Solana's Proof of History approach, if it is indeed a "really slow" method of consensus time-stamping.
What are the pros and cons of Solana's Proof of History, and Hedera's Fair Ordering? Can Solana not guarantee proper time-stamping like Hedera can? Is Yakovenko's claim mostly slander?
Here's what Solana's CEO specifically wrote regarding Hashgraph:

One of the most difficult problems in distributed systems is agreement on time. Google’s Spanner uses synchronized atomic clocks between its datacenters. Google’s engineers synchronize these clocks to a very high percision and constantly maintain them.
This problem is even harder in adversarial systems like blockchain. Nodes in the network can’t trust an external source of time or any timestamp that appears in a message. Hashgraph for example, solves this problem with a “median” timestamp. Each message that is seen by the network is signed and timestamped by a supermajority of the network. The median timestamp for the message is what Hashgraph calls “fair” ordering. Each message has to travel to the supermajority of the nodes in the system, then after the message collects enough signatures, the entire set needs to be propagated to the entire network. As you can imagine, this is really slow.
Yakovenko's article was initially brought up in a comment on hashgraph a few months ago, before that subreddit moved here, and I don't believe it was properly addressed. This isn't an attempt to introduce FUD, I'm relatively new to crypto and I'm just interested in learning about the technology behind Hedera, as well as other DLTs.
Also, if anyone would like to comment on the accuracy of the OP where I found the comment, I'd like to hear what you have to offer as I haven't gotten around to doing a ton of research on Solana yet.
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2021.10.26 22:25 churrolee [LFA] Swift Lee—A Macaque Shifter Soulknife who summons boomerangs!

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2021.10.26 22:25 TopDawg02 I’m back once again, is he good?

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2021.10.26 22:25 InsaneGamer18 My introvert dream might come true

In about 2 years, I will probably leave my country and go study on Spain. I will live almost alone, no family who doesnt understand why I dont like to talk, nor "friends" who are only there when they want something from me.
I will be myself there, and not be judged by people who I didnt choose to care about me. I will finally make friends that I like, and meet people more openminded.
I found that living and studying abroad is sometimes cheaper than studying in my country, so I thought why not start anew? If you are an introverted by circumstances like me, then I think that living for a time in other country might help you grow as a person. Thougths?
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2021.10.26 22:25 brianthesavage17 SEXY AND FIRE 🔥

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2021.10.26 22:25 Opoyiss Brazil Senate committee recommends Jair Bolsonaro face charges over COVID-19 handling

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2021.10.26 22:25 0h_Neptune One thing we all agree on: Go Jets Go!

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2021.10.26 22:25 LongConversation9223 COVID VACCINE

Hi! So my uncle is a PD (Pangulong Diakono) in our local and he told me that in their weekly meeting (Caucus) they were thinking of NOT encouraging the members to take any covid vaccine!!! These people are really nuts no!! I can't take this anymore. They really don't care about the members, they only care about MONEY. Good thing my family is already vaccinated. How about those people who weren't vaccinated? Then they will be discouraged because of their blind faith argh!!!
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2021.10.26 22:24 Flimsy_Sprinkles_300 FYI: Zana Still Closes All Portals When You Finish the Mission

Just figured out that Zana still closes all her portals when you finish the mission.
I needed to clear the vaal temple map for my atlas progression but died while fighting the boss.
I haved completed Zana's mission when I died, but figured out she closed all the portals.
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2021.10.26 22:24 Suhailsalinas Let's make our wealth with $KONO and then live happily ever after.

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2021.10.26 22:24 Longjumping_Pipe_323 AND I KEEP THAT GUN ON ME NOT GOING OUT LIKE TRAYVON ‼️

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