2021.10.26 20:18 jrandomuser123 Quitting

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2021.10.26 20:18 winnocat Any autograph hunters out there?

With all the Covid restrictions has anyone been able to get any autographs this season? If so where and when are you able to get them? Also has anyone been going after the visiting teams? Are the doing autographs at practice or the hotel?
Any tips any of you have would be appreciated
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2021.10.26 20:18 bigboynigas [homemade] ratatouille

[homemade] ratatouille submitted by bigboynigas to food [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 20:18 jakethesnakeisback16 NASCAR 21 Ignition Intel HD 620(Low End Pc)

NASCAR 21 Ignition Intel HD 620(Low End Pc) submitted by jakethesnakeisback16 to NASCARVideoGame [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 20:18 Leeroyedtothemax Anyway to change controls to PES2021 style?

Its so terrible , i cant even do fake shots or fake passes now
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2021.10.26 20:18 sun_gan eecs 47d vs 16a vs 16b

so by the end of this semester i'll have taken and most likely passed math 54 (i've been finding it fairly easy so far). i'm hoping to double major in cs and either astrophysics or math (both of which require math 54). i'll need to take eecs 16b sometime in my sophomore year for cs, and while i feel confident abt the linear algebra portion, the circuitry elements are gonna be a nightmare. i'm horrific at both circuits and self-studying, and don't really trust myself to self-study that part of 16a before taking 16b. i know there's a bridge course called eecs 47d which essentially lets you take a portion of 16a for a grade. would it be better for me to take eecs 47d, or to just take 16a (or for some reason just go directly to 16b)?
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2021.10.26 20:18 ptrs_one So let me get this straight…

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2021.10.26 20:18 Justin_unsilenced Stand with Hong Kong. Fuck the CCP

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2021.10.26 20:18 rxp1320marketing 🎈 FREE BITCOIN 🤡 get in before new highs! Below are a few promotional links from featured services to get you afloat: ⚡️Download the STRIKE App & get $5 FREE…🦢Sign up with SWAN Bitcoin & get $10 FREE…🍭Download the LOLLI App & get FREE Cash plus open the Daily Treasure Chest full of Sats 🏴‍☠️

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There is no purchase or deposit necessary.
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2021.10.26 20:18 Raccooniness I love the monster truck alt build of 42124

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2021.10.26 20:18 Only_Equivalent4534 Here is my biodata

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2021.10.26 20:18 PAcMAcDO99 Lol

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2021.10.26 20:18 Pale-Check5949 🔥 HybridShiba launched 1 minutes ago 🔥 | 4% Shiba Rewards | DOXXED !!! | True GEM 🚀 | Anti-scam | Huge potential

Welcome to HybridShiba
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Total Supply :
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You can buy the token on PancakeSwap, poocoin, dextool...
You can easily swap your BNB to HybridShiba
Get on the train and shill everywhere. It’s safer than Safe. We the best token in the whole world 😊
We gonna hire a lot of influencer like cryptic maestro or crypto messiah. A lot of marketing will come. Listing on coinsniper and other listing sites are in the way too. We the best 🚀🚀🚀🚀
Knowing that you can invest in the token and be safe – not having something that is a honey pot or a rug pull based upon the developers history you know you can buy in and be able to trade safely.
Check out the telegram and meet the community. There have been some good laughs along the way. Community is growing fast!
🚀Contract: 0x2b238ee8a249c19efa9916775255a7ff646600f5
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🚀 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xe97ae8f08b612d1edce14fc3632635980d3decb1
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2021.10.26 20:18 masterjewlysses Here's 2 extra codes :) - first come first serve GL!

Here's 2 extra codes :) - first come first serve GL!
Shiny Zacian - E1109S6536QT77UA
Shiny Zamazenta - E10988DJDKF7817C
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2021.10.26 20:18 fiftydrum tips about subs?

hello everyone I recently hit affilate and was wonderin if anyone had any tips to Gain subs ? it’s hard to stream now because roo still won’t fill my account.
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2021.10.26 20:18 johnjay80 We did this with a picture of my Dad and I wasn’t ready for it either. I miss home so much! 1960-2016 These people got to see their deceased relatives move again for the first time in years thanks to a deepfake app

We did this with a picture of my Dad and I wasn’t ready for it either. I miss home so much! 1960-2016 These people got to see their deceased relatives move again for the first time in years thanks to a deepfake app submitted by johnjay80 to johnjay80 [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 20:18 madrid987 Bulgarians are rapidly becoming extinct.

Bulgarians are rapidly becoming extinct. submitted by madrid987 to europe [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 20:17 Pleasehearmyopinion Can you Jogress a Pendulum Z digimon with a Ver 20th?

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2021.10.26 20:17 razvan_fmm I have seborrheic dermatitis and scratched my head for a very long time and started to see hair loss.I started treatment and have my scalp doesnt itch as much and i can manage not to scratch my head but i am afraid of my hair loss being permanent.Can someone help me?

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2021.10.26 20:17 FrazzledGod Why does CyberGhost have such a weird clunky help system?

I got an email saying my subscription had expired which was a total surprise, so I logged into my account to find out I still had months to run on my subscription.
I contacted the live support to ask what was going on. They asked me to send my invoice PDF to check things. The only place I could find my PDF invoice was in my CyberGhost account, but I had to actually download it then email it to support so they could read it?
Just seemed a very strange way of doing things, I would have thought support could just tap into a database and see what I could see in my account as its their database? Apparently not? So I had to download a PDF issued by a company over https, then upload it back to them via email for them to read their own invoice.
Odd lol!
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2021.10.26 20:17 Prestigious-Rate1648 Whoever made this a quest location, your moms a hoe

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2021.10.26 20:17 lunars- Dupe for Colourpop lux lipstick in Uno Mas

I have a backup but still this is probably the most used up lip in my collection. Price is irrelevant.
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2021.10.26 20:17 ultimatesexmaker I struggle to see who'd care to listen, but due to a lack of friends & family I thought I'd take a shot in the dark here. Tonight will be my first night in my newly-leased apartment after being homeless for 5+ years! I honestly am at a loss for words simply from having a place to call home, finally.

I struggle to see who'd care to listen, but due to a lack of friends & family I thought I'd take a shot in the dark here. Tonight will be my first night in my newly-leased apartment after being homeless for 5+ years! I honestly am at a loss for words simply from having a place to call home, finally. submitted by ultimatesexmaker to MadeMeSmile [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 20:17 Sasho_Alex A story about the time I got back with an ex… if you are thinking about it, read this.

My first love… I was 18 and she was 17. We dated for about 1.5 years. Things ended by her sending me a text saying there was someone else (a 23 year old guy in a band)… she then followed up a week later with a text of a picture of him with hickies on his neck and an inside joke she and I had. She claimed to have texted the wrong person…
I got over it quick because I got under someone else fast. For some reason women/girls flocked to me after things ended in this relationship.
4 years later my ex comes back. We ran into each other randomly. Started hanging out again. Then dated for 2 years. She did not change. She was a server at a restaurant and met a professional athlete. She cheated. She then dumped me, made up crazy stories about me, and rubbed the pro athlete in my face on social media and through friends every chance she could.
Well the athlete ghosted her after two weeks and left town for sports. Hahaha.
She begged me to come back for months. Showed up at my house pounding on the door (I actually had to call her family and cops to get her away). I didn’t fall for it. She ended up finding a rebound within a few months, got pregnant, married the guy. And it was so satisfying to watch.
4 years later she calls me out of nowhere. She is married and has a kid. She attempted to tell me how big of a mistake she made in our relationship. I cut her off and told her to never contact me again.
Exes really don’t change. The cheatedumper has to live with the regret of what could have been. Luckily as dumpees we don’t have to carry that guilt!
I am currently in a similar situation where I got cheated/dumped again. I just have to remind myself of the past. There is no reason I should take her back when guilt eats at her and the new guy doesn’t work out.
I know I’m a good guy. I never mistreated anyone. I constantly gave my relationships everything. I’m smart, I am extremely financially sound, good looking, fit, kind, compassionate, loving… I don’t deserve the BS and won’t fall for it again.
In both cases it was lack of maturity from my ex. They think the grass is greener.
(This post is me reassuring myself I won’t fall for it again and that others shouldn’t fall for it.)
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2021.10.26 20:17 RoniArtCazi It didn’t work out but she keeps me around anyway

When you look at me all I see is the feeling of disgust, mistrust, and pity. You say you care but you only care about people, not me personally. You said it wasn’t you it was me, and that I gave more than any girl could ask for then turned around and looked for something better. I worshiped the ground you walked on and you knew it. You were so upset about the things I didn’t communicate when you already knew but never asked. I defended you every time even though it was just things they could see but I couldn’t . I don’t know what’s worse if you never cared or if you stopped caring. I fought so hard when you tried pushing me away, now I ask myself why I ever stayed. You say it’s because of how I was raised, but you don’t know that half of it, you never asked why I wake up terrified out of my sleep. You never asked why I can’t communicate exactly what I’m thinking. It was beat out of me The fact that you are right, and don’t even know the truth eats me up inside. Or how it feels like you think that everything I’ve ever said is a lie. I tried and it was my last good try. The only thing keeping be from a goodbye is the hope that you finally tell me why. Why I wasn’t even worth the try.
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