Duncan Discussion Monthly (Sep 2021)

During 22-24 September 2021, heavy rains seriously affected five municipalities in the western part of Georgia, in the Autonomies Republic of Adjara and Guria region. The total population in five ... where the SEP ran from February 15 through August 15, 2021, and for the 15 State-based Marketplaces (SBMs) that use their own eligibility and enrollment platforms, for which reporting dates varied. 1. During the 2021 SEP, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) was signed into law and implemented in the Marketplaces. From Dec 20, 2020, to Apr 10, 2021, Israel launched a massive national COVID-19 vaccination campaign with the two-dose mRNA vaccine made by Pfizer-BioNTech. Approximately 74% of the country's population aged 16 and older were fully vaccinated by Apr 10, making Israel's the fastest and most comprehensive vaccination campaign in the world. Sep 16, 2021. by Fernando. About Fernando. Metropolis Recommends. Saitama Art Festa 2021. Jul 1 - Dec 19. 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT: “Rule?” ... Satellite image of Langila volcano on 23 Sep 2021 La Palma (Canary Islands (Spain)) : Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Toulouse warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 10000 ft (3000 m) altitude or flight level 100 and is moving at 5 kts in S direction. Sep 15, 2021 Sep 15, 2021; Data provided by Michigan Department of Natural Resources shows the movements of Traverse City’s notorious west-side bear since being trapped in April and relocated to ... djokovic. 11 sep 2021 Updated: Sep. 24, 2021, 2:27 p.m. | Published: Sep. 24, 2021, 2:11 p.m. Benzie Central's Hunter Jones (504) wins the first race during a Division 3 boys race at the MHSAA Cross Country ... Sep 29 Lancet study and commentary COVID vaccination linked to low hospitalization, death in Scotland. Less than 0.05% of Scottish people at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19 were hospitalized or died from the virus, according to a large, population-based study looking at data from Dec 8, 2020, to Apr 18, 2021. Free Download Windows 10 Pro v10.0.19043.1237 Sep 2021 32-bit / 64-bit - Multilingual Preactivated ISO .

2021.10.26 21:14 TheHoosierExpress Duncan Discussion Monthly (Sep 2021)

Duncan Discussion Monthly Issue #3, Vol. 2 "So you've got you a newsletter, eh? Ain't that cool." - Duncan
Some recent news for the Soundboard Community...

Prankster Debuts New Series Zack from Hydroponics (Sep 17)
Bait Shop Lady (Sep 20)
Georgia Deputy (Sep 20)
Skiptrace Tracy (Sep 20)
Ongoing Series California Crook (since Jan 16, 2016)
Golden Gloves Boxer (since Sep 15, 2019)
Legal Administration Aaron (since Nov 25, 2020)
Silverback Gorilla (since Jan 31, 2020)
Silverback's Wife (since February 12, 2020)
Blackpool Casino (since Jun 4, 2021)
Ending Series None
Reunion Specials Caribbean Cruise Line (2012-2013, 2016)
Redneck Roofer (2008-2012)
Tom from Phoenix (Jan 2015)
The Yugoslavian (Jan-Aug 2021)
Mexican F*ggot (Feb 2012)
Jason from Campus Security (Sep 2020)
This month in soundboard history... Celebrity Prank Calling-era (2001-2007)
Duncan-era (2007-2011)
Thirteen Years Ago:
Twelve Years Ago:
Eleven Years Ago:
Bail Bondsman-era (2011-2015)
Ten Years Ago:
Nine Years Ago:
Eight Years Ago:
Seven Years Ago:
California Crook-era (2016-)
Four Years Ago:
Top 10 Calls (Sep. 2021) For a list of all calls made this month, see Soundboard Prank Calls for September 2021.
No. Title Caller Duration Likes Views
1. Introducing the newest recruit to the Silverback troop ProsecuteThis 13:02 525 (16) 8.3K
2. Mrs. Silverback intimidates scam suspects with her tactics ProsecuteThis 13:48 437 (13) 7.8K
3. Mrs. Silverback continues her debut prank calling campaign ProsecuteThis 13:44 480 (23) 7.5K
4. Calling classic victims with a new soundboard: Thomas Hines ProsecuteThis 23:05 495 (31) 7.5K
5. The Prosecutor rests his case ProsecuteThis 15:28 425 (12) 6.9K
6. Thomas Hines gets on the case by disrupting some scam call centers ProsecuteThis 15:38 448 (27) 6.2K
7. Silverback Squad shells the scam call center with plenty of spam calls ProsecuteThis 14:56 439 (28) 5.7K
8. Legal Administration Aaron calls with his favorite telephone tough guy tactics ProsecuteThis 10:55 410 (20) 5.4K
9. Crazy Kiwi runs over Silverback's office with his bike ProsecuteThis 9:45 342 (7) 4.9K
10. 7 Mile OGs get down and dirty with the Mexican F*ggot ProsecuteThis 9:28 362 (18) 4.5K
Meanwhile on Freddit... Freddit-related
General Discussion:
Prank Call Requests:
Technical Help:
Link of the Month The Phone Losers of America have a wealth of information regarding prank calls. Here are arguably the two most important ones:
Whatever Happened To... While soundboard prank calls are almost exclusively on YouTube, newer fans may not be aware that these calls first surfaced on then popular websites like eBaumsWorld.com, Newsgrounds.net and, most importantly, RealmOfDarkness.net.
In the Celebrity Soundboard-era, W3baholic was one of the most popular pranksters during this period. He is best remembered for creating the original soundboards for legendary prank call characters including, most notably, Chinaman, Arnold's Escort and Duncan. These boards were used by countless pranksters for many years. W3baholic was also a major part of Jackulator.com which was active from 2007 to 2017.
In May 2019, the long retired prankster resurfaced on Jackulator.com where his discussed his career and shared a bit of soundboard history...
Hi all,
About a decade ago I was known as w3baholic. I made prank calls. Here's my story from beginning to end on how I started and how I ended:
When YouTube first started as a website there were few people on there (at this point I bet that's hard to believe. I found a guy called N3CHROHOLIC (I think that's how he spelled it). and love his soundboard calls. My and him became friends, spoke on Skype, and we made soundboards together. One of the prototype Sam Jackson boards I sent to Jackulator but sadly N3C was killed during a home invasion. That brought an end to that project. However, all my Sam Jackson files I gave over to this website.
Anyways, I made a few calls with existing soundboards and asked myself, as most do, 'why don't they realise this is X celebrity voice'. Therefore, I made a soundboard from a random person, the first was a black guy from the Joe Pesci prank. This was a big success. People reached out to me and asked not only could they repost the call on their websites but if I could hand them the sounboard. This is when I made my first soundboard and it was the victim of the Joe Pesci Call.
I thought it would be fun, and a bit of a mindfuck, to prank someone with the black guys voice. I would be pranking someone with the reactions of the victim of a prank phone call. To me knowledge, this was a first and it soon became a craze.
I created a name for YouTube and based it on my friend. He was N3CROHOLIC, and I assumed the identity of w3baholic. That's where the moniker came from.
Me and my friend made many calls and they were hilarious (that's how these things start out). He introduced me to another prominent prank caller at the time known as xxaozz. I spoke to xxaozz on skype and he explained to me about truncating the silent intervals using Audacity. It made for a faster more 'ping ball' like conversation. I listened to his originals, and the edits, and the edits were much better. N3CROHOLIC was a purist and dead against this. He thought everything should be posted as recorded but zzaozz was getting hundreds of views at a time when YouTube was in its infancy. His method obviously worked.
So then I started making my own soundboards and making my own calls to upload. I was part of an inner circle of guys who really pushed this medium to the fore. And for a time things were good.
Then, I got wind xxoazz had been busted. Note, this was a person I had spoken to numerous times before. I connected with his Skype and tehe voice was noticeably different. My friend N3C was listening in and he said in chat "hang up" and so I did. I felt that he had been compromised and ignored him from then on assuming he was Police.
After I discontinued activity with xxaozz, and N3C died, I was on my own and creating and making calls wasn't as fun anymore. N3C always said Punctum was a real inspiration of his so I got him involved. My channel was booming at the time so I was able to offer Punctum some exposure. Even now, he has a channel called John Kimbled (or something like that) and the videos can't break 1k views. Punctum sent me calls to post on my channel, I made my own thumbnails sometimes recruiting help, the post them with links to his website. He wanted me to post his content on my channel there was no theft involved.
After a few months Punctum suggested a revamp of his website. I suggested a forum. He was all for it and I asked Jackulator to help and even paid for it from my own pocket. There was a lack of finishing the site and content from me but I had just started a new family and time spent on the internet messing around wasn't a priority. I indicated this to Punctum. He insisted all of his calls, which he previously said was okay, to post was to be pulled. I tried to explain that they wouldn't generate the same amount of hits the second time around (old content). He didn't listen and although he got some vids removed I won the appeal and everything was reinstated. I had his links under the vids and some were getting 200k+ views which would've directed traffic to his website but he wanted them removed which never made sense to me. This was coming from a guy who asked me to click on his adds whenever I visited his website so money was in his thinking. My channel was never monetized, it never can be, and I've never made a penny from it.
There was a lot of hatred rom the 'prank call community' who claimed I wasn't giving back. I went on RealmOfDarkness forums to address this. I stated I had at least 10 soundboards for public consumption, I had found numerous victims they found iconic (Duncan, Chinaman, etc), and brought the victim soundboard stuff to the forefront. None of that mattered and I was banned without reason. The website owner of ROD wrote to me and apologised. I didn't mind it all, I just didn't understand. Most were saying 'you only care about subs' , but 'you ban people for no reason'. You can't have it both ways. Either I want them to subscribe, or I ban everyone. The criticisms were made up nonsense and one of their idiot underlings banned me.
I think RealmOfDarkness deleted most of the board I made and YouTube deleted most of my original content which is disappointing.
The Sam Jackson board (Jackulator and I) were making at that time was something special. I remember it had a light sabre for a loading bar and you were pretty impressed with it. The page switch function is something I always believed in.
As with anything, when it becomes work more than a joy you need to pack it in. YouTube will never monetise soundboard prank calls, and that's final. Voice acting can be monetised, but not soundboards. It's a shame because it would've been great to see some of these great soundboard communities blow up and grow. Some will never know the hard work put in to these soundboard creations (Jack put in a year for the 90000) and calls that are now considered cult classics.
I still listen to 'Jack needs a basket' and laugh my ass off.
I'm not sure if anyone even cares but I thought I'd update this.
After ten years I opened up another YouTube account. It was due to lockdown and me being unable to work my job for over a year. The new channel has grown much bigger than that original w3baholic channel in less than a year. More subs, more views, and I'm making $50k annually. This will increase over time.
The skills I use on this new channel were very much gained from the first YouTube channel 10 years ago. I can apply those skills here, and I'm coming up with a lot of original angles which is what I put pride in. These days we have things live Fiverr so I can assign work out when it's too much for me to do on my own. So, I think it's easier to do YouTube now, than it was 10 years ago. Back then I had a lot of ideas but was often overwhelmed by the workload. I was burnt out.
My stance now is the same as it was when I quit all those years ago - Soundboard prank calls doesn't pay. YouTube have made their stance clear on this and I fought the battle more than most. My old channel has ads on the vids because YouTube decided to monitise it and I doesn't get a penny (new policy implemented this month). What a slap in the face. But, I make money on the new one.
As much as I loved making soundboard calls I've moved on and there's no temptation to go back. It's time to move on. I love all of you guys, I have nothing but great memories, and I hope all of you go on to find success.
Nothing but love, and always yours, w3baholic.
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2021.10.26 21:14 lacrosseinsider What offensive players do you like/dislike in single digits?

I Like:
DJ Moore from #12 to #2
Marquise Brown from #15 to #5
DJax from #10 to #1
Playoff Lenny from #28 to #7
I Dislike:
Bobby Trees from #17 to #2
Will Fuller from #15 to #3
Chase Edmonds from #29 to #2
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2021.10.26 21:14 apartyorsomething Can we talk about “data-driven” practices? Especially station teaching

Hopefully, most of us are aware of how little actual science is behind most “data-driven” practices that are endorsed by education researchers, specifically (vs. psychology and neuroscience, for example). I’m not a scientist or data expert, but I am suspicious that some of the interventions and strategies that we are encouraged to utilize are not, actually, statistically effective or data-driven at all, but remnants from a “progressive” era of education that have stuck around as indicative of “good teaching.”
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been encouraged to use stations or centers, for example, and every colleague who does is praised beyond belief. I really do not believe they are best practice in most settings. Is there any actual science that indicates this is effective in the classroom setting (teaching a small group while other students independently move through stations)? What about beyond elementary? (I teach middle). I would love for people to link real, reproducible, valid studies on this.
What other practices are you skeptical of but are told is best practice? Let’s talk about them and link studies if we can. I really think we need to start questioning what we are told to do, and why we are told to do it, more often.
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2021.10.26 21:14 femitheman18 Drug Test & Background Check

So my start date is November 2nd, I had my appointment on Friday and my drug test just said completed today, does that mean I passed? I would assume if I failed it wouldn’t say completed. I’m currently just waiting on my background check which says In progress, so about how long should that take?
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2021.10.26 21:14 FishNamedWalter Fall apart

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2021.10.26 21:14 AGXVI [PC][2000-2010] A flash game where a kid had a skull for a head and walked through the halls killing people with a chainsaw

I could be wrong with the details, but it’s all that I remember :(
Please help me out lol
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2021.10.26 21:14 lliam77 Björk's Bandcamp updated today

Björk's Bandcamp updated today https://bjork.bandcamp.com
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2021.10.26 21:14 triangleness Opinion: the bigger the better

Why is everybody complaining that the game is too long? How is that a bad thing? Why would ever somebody who paid about 60$ for a game want to have less content for that money? It just doesn't make sense to me. It’s not like there is an obligation to end it in a limited time. Nor to 100% it. The filler arcs in the main quest are what make it long for the most part. But they are nothing else than unskippable side quests (and good ones too). So what? Do people want an open-world game without any side quests? Or an open-world with a small map, less to explore? And for the life of me, I don’t understand all the hating the cairns get. I mean, it’s totally optional.
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2021.10.26 21:14 matveyan Matveyan Orange Hands. 🚀 Galaxy Store and Google Play.

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2021.10.26 21:14 dola2000 POV cam : Rainy Nordschleife / Honda CBR 1000RR

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2021.10.26 21:14 grington300 Mettal Maffia Babymetal - Kamiband dancing and singing (Funny Moments) | METTAL MAFFIA | REACTION | LVT AND MAGZ

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2021.10.26 21:14 Pontoon_Captain We are catching up!

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2021.10.26 21:14 Fleexaco something light for the goat

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2021.10.26 21:14 JavaleONeal Old Friend, a spacey lofi type beat (free)

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2021.10.26 21:14 Party-Meringue-7172 J

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2021.10.26 21:14 Dr1pp1ngB1ood Just recovered my very first kit of PC / network from a decade ago. With this I made a way of live, colorful isn't it?

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2021.10.26 21:14 Mynameis__--__ Bitcoin Is Still Concentrated in Few Hands, Study Finds

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2021.10.26 21:14 sprinklesapple [Homemade] Breakfast melt - bacon, sausage, hash brown, sunny side up egg, sharp cheddar + pepper jack

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2021.10.26 21:14 ChocolateCake16 Feeling a bunch of ways about a post my mom made about me

My mom posted me to that tiktok sound that goes "by the way, you saved me" for my birthday, and while I'm aware it's accurate, it makes me feel kind of icky for some reason. She's talking about events that happened when I was a baby, and it's not like I actively did anything, it was just my existence.
Plus it makes me feel guilty for wanting to leave and not talk to her much. She's homophobic, transphobic, and verbally abusive, and while she's gotten better, she still did a bunch of damage to me as a kid and early teenager. Any recovery I did from that damage was entirely on my own, as she's also been emotionally absent the whole time, and also works a lot so I didn't see her much as a kid. She's got a temper, and has conflicts with people frequently, which she started confiding in me about since I was a kid. I ended up having to quit girl scouts because she got into a fight with one of the other moms over a bed and a hairbrush. Afterward, she would complain to me about the situation, telling me about what the other mom said or did, and how the other mom was judging her for taking the bed.
At some point, my cousins moved in, and while I hold no resentment towards them, the last few years with them have made her worse. Whenever their mom does something, she complains about it to me, and I'm sick of hearing it. I don't want to hear about their court dates and what happens anymore. She asks me who I think is correct frequently when she has conflicts and I don't want to be put in the middle of adult conflicts, even if the other adult doesn't know. Also with my cousins moving in she got more stressed, which made her temper shorter, and she's not very nice when she's angry. I claimed verbal abuse earlier in the post because when she's upset about something small, like me not doing my chores, she yells for ages, escalating from wanting me to be more responsible, to calling me names. (Mostly selfish, lazy, narcissistic, etc.) Even if me not doing my chores is irresponsible (I recognize that it is, but I'm 17 now, and the events I'm talking about mostly happened from the ages of 12-15) that response is unnecessary.
In my opinion, she's too emotionally immature to have a child, and probably should have gone to therapy before choosing to have a kid. (She was 19)
She also likes to sabotage my relationship. I have a s/o and I try to avoid telling her too much about them, but even still she tries. I told her I wanted to go to Europe for college and she said she "felt like I was centering my whole future around them". I said I didn't know how many siblings they had (this was shortly after we started dating) and she asked me how I could be in a relationship with someone I barely know anything about. She tries to guilt me into not spending time with them because she's upset that I "regard them more important than her". (Her words, not mine) She also tries to undermine my trust in them by asking me constantly how I know they are who they say they are, (I would understand asking this once, but several times?) and frequently brings them into it when she's upset with me, by telling me I'd be a horrible partner to live with, that I'm unable to love people, and that "at some point my partner will leave me because they will get fed up with the way I treat them" (this part was in a conversation where my mom said I treat her "worse than the dirt on the bottom of my shoe")
I basically had to teach myself how to be kind to others and myself because she wasn't a very good role model, and even now the only way I really know how to show kindness is through generosity, and support. (I try my best to support people who vent to me, but I'm not very good at it). I spent most of my childhood alone because I don't have siblings, she was always at work and I'm not great at keeping friends. (Not because they got upset with me, just that elementary schoolers get bored, and don't really have a way of keeping in contact with each other when they part ways, so most of them lost touch with me)
Most of the relationship we have is unhealthy, and I feel like some of that is due to the events that happened when I was a baby, so her posting that makes me feel weird
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2021.10.26 21:14 Matrixramiro10 I can't access the website

friends, in the organization when users want to access a website that belongs to the company, they cannot access. however, when they access from their homes, they do manage to access the website.
I proceeded to carry out tests by creating an internet exit rule in the fortigate with a test PC and in the rule, do not enable the security profiles, even so the users cannot access from the organization. With this test, would you understand that the fortigste is not the cause? or what more tests should I perform?
A few months ago the Internet provider change was made, before that change these problems of access to websites did not happen. Can you help me, please?
as additional information: I asked the internet provider for an ip to create the ip pool and enable the policy and validate. But if in case it doesn't work, what steps should I follow?
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2021.10.26 21:14 cbell3186 “Worth the Detour” Austin to Palo Duro Canyon

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2021.10.26 21:14 bagelman99 Would love a mod were It just straight up let me wear whatever I want even with mod clothing/armour

I'm on Xbox and I really want a mod like this, I know of armoursmith and UCO but armoursmith isn't what I'm looking for and UCO won't work with modded stuff. Can someone share a mod like this?
(Don't know if this is a mod suggestion or not... Hopefully not)
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2021.10.26 21:14 ignatzioisntme Taylor Hatala

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2021.10.26 21:14 toss195559 Whoa lil mama!

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2021.10.26 21:14 DoneItForTheMeme like really, something ain't right

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